naruko and hinata lemon fanfiction

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English Naruto fanfic

-------------->Tripletsverse Page (Naruto/Naruko/Kyuunaru/their harem 'verse) NEW . (mentions of Hinata + Kurenai and Sasuke + Kakashi) . Fan-fanfic and fanart! . Genre: humor, lemon (NaruSasu, het and yuri -- yay for the sexy no jutsu !

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Yomitoru | FanFiction

Rated M for lemons. Contains yuri, hentai, and threesomes. Naruto & Hinata & Naruko Romance/Hurt and Comfort. Konoha Gakuen Den: Kizuna: Uzumaki .

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FanFics on #Sasuko-FC - deviantART

FanFics. Naruto Uzimake the living shinigamiNaruto Uzumaki is now a genin, after 3 years hiding his . Warning: Future Lemon. . Naruto, Sakura and Hinata were going to visit Naruko and Sasuko before they're realesed from the hospital.

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Asuka Kureru - Works | Archive of Our Own

Summary. The last person Hinata expected to meet in the women's public bath was a female Naruto. . Poor Naruko-chan learns that the hard way. Thank god .

Pale Gaze

Dec 16, 2012 . Hinata] Summary: After a very long mission, Uzumaki Naruko is eager to get . At Livejournal or . I bring you some fanfiction.

The Messenger A Clones Side Story, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

NaruHina & Naruko Fun. LEMON. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Humor - Naruto U. & Hinata H. - Words: 8,392 - Reviews: 49 - Favs: 199 - Follows: 25 .

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Naruto: Dimensional Union Chapter 2 by *jgresidenevil on deviantART

Nov 28, 2011 . A week later after Naruko and Sasuko were sent into Naruto's Dimension) Naruto , . naruto :iconfanfiction-fc: . Naruto, Sakura and Hinata were going to visit Naruko and Sasuko before they're realesed from the hospital. "Jeez .

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'Til Next Time - NaruHina FanFiction Collection

Oct 15, 2010. Romance, Adventure, Drama, Comedy, and Lemon Fanfiction Stories! . Naruto's name in this fic—for the sake of nostalgia—will be Naruko, and . Hinata feigned a thoughtful hum, and Naruko raised a twitching brow.

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Bad birthday present. by ~chimera888 on deviantART

Apr 13, 2009 . said Naruko as she noticed Hinata's younger sister walking through the hall . Naruko often wondered how Hinata felt about her younger sister .

Spirtblade627 | FanFiction

Sasuke/Naruko Naruko/Hinata Naruko/Harem some yuri. WARNING: Lemons/ Limes. Naruto - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 21 - Words: .

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LRRH Hinata and Naruko by *nanako87 on deviantART

Nov 13, 2009 . Hinata & Naruko - Naruto, yo. Drawn in August . The Best Hinata Fan Club : iconnaruhina--fanclub: #NaruHina-- . NarukoHina. It was a lemon.

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Results for communities interested in "uchiha sasuke" - Interests

Naruto fanfiction discussion forum; sugaryspicey - sugaryspicey (Updated 3 weeks ago); narutolemon - Naruto Lemon Fanfiction! . We focus on topics relating to the non-canonical pairing of Uchiha Sasuke and Hyuga Hinata. neji_fans . (Updated 2 years ago); naruko_n_sasuko - Naruko'n'Sasuko ( Updated 2 years ago) .

gamakage on deviantART

. is a gilr named Naruko, Hinata is a boy named Hinata but called Hin or Hina. . Second version will be UNCENSORED - which mean with lemons ... and this one . Road To Naruto The Movie: Road to ninja; Jun 26, 2012 NaruHina fanfiction .

Clones: Chapter IV by ~perpetual159 on deviantART

Jul 28, 2010 . ^_^ Title: Clones Fandom: Naruto [Naruto x Hinata] Rating: M Type: Multi-chapter Ge. . Your fanfic is worth my time I miss writing a fanfic with all the emotion & feeling in . Plus: You created the perfect set-up for the Clones Lemon. . Naruko is a too funny; she's so crazy and ridiculous and fun!

Haruno Sakura/Uzumaki Naruto - Works | Archive of Our Own

Naruko has a crush, Naruto has a victim, and Sasuke has a fascination. . Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings · Hyuuga Hinata/Uchiha Itachi · Haruno Sakura/Uzumaki Naruto · Uzumaki Naruto · Hyuuga . Part 1 of Lemon Series .*s*Uzumaki%20Naruto/works

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Hyuuga Hinata - Works | Archive of Our Own

Hinata Hyuuga has worked for Itachi Uchiha for several years. She's silently . Naruko has a crush, Naruto has a victim, and Sasuke has a fascination. Find out .

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